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Password Generator


Tecnológico de Monterrey

Versión 1.0

5th October, 2012




GenePass can be accesed at your App Store




GenePass: Password Generator




GenePass is an app that allows random character sequence generation given a length and sequence type. Sequences can be anywhere from 3 to 20 characters long, while sequence types include numeric, alphabetic, alpha-numeric and hexadecimal.


Generated sequences can be stored; duplicated sequences cannot be stored, assuring unique stored keys. Additionally, the user can list and drop one or all stored keys. Finally, users can manually introduce a key to be stored, that is if the introduced key does not already exist in the database.


GenePass is an excellent tool that will help to readily generate IUMPs (activation keys) for users of the following applications: ELISA v1.1, ELISA TEC v1.0 and ELISA Terra v1.0.


ELISA: Emergency, Positioning, and Immediate Assistance System, (see elisa-tec.mx for more information).



Contact. Dr Luis A. Trejo

Cátedra Investigación e Innovación en Seguridad Computacional

Tecnológico de Monterey ®